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Taylor has booked a series regular role in FX's comedy series based on the life of rapper and comedian Lil Dicky (aka Dave Burd). Taylor will be playing opposite Dave in the series directed by Greg Mottola (Adventureland, Superbad) and co-written by Dave Burd and Jeff Schaffer (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Click here to read more about the show on The Hollywood Reporter!

Taylor is co-starring in NBC’s I FEEL BAD

Check out "McKenzie” in episode 2 and episode 11 on NBC and!

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Taylor guest stars in AMERICAN VANDAL

Stream season two now on Netflix!

We Are CVNT5 premiered Thursday June 28th on Verizon Go90 with Taylor playing the role of social media manager Zoe! 

"But the best subplot centers on CVNT5’s ambitious and astute social media manager, Zoe (Taylor Misiak)...She’s the only team member capable of providing real, clear-eyed takes on the men’s antics, and it’s always a welcome moment when the camera turns to interview her. (If Brandon were Michael Scott, Chad were Dwight, and James were Toby, Zoe’s like a combination of Jim and Pam.) Misiak, as Zoe, provides a welcome addition to the team—both as the capable glue helping to hold CVNT5 together, and as the sole female star in a series largely focused on three silly dudes."

-Natalia Winkelman at The Daily Beast, 'Must See EDM Mokumentary'

HOWEVER Verizon Go90 no longer exists! (Crazy right?)

But CVNT5 is looking for a new home and will be on a new platform shortly!

Taylor got to swoon over dreamy Mr. Watch in an Orient Watch commercial!

Produced by Giant Propeller - directed by Tanya Dahl


Taylor is featured in Boyfriends - a comedy web series by Sam Nulman.

Boyfriends was recognized as the Best Comedy Short at the Belin Film Festival 2016!

Visit to see all the episodes! 



Taylor starred in SUNSET BLUSH - an original comedy that premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival! Sunset Blush is a 45 minute one act play about friendship and Franzia - written by and starring Taylor and the lovely Georgi McCauley!


Taylor and Dave answered questions about Pillow Talking on Facebook Live! Check out LD's Facebook for all things Pillow Talking.

Taylor is featured in Future Boyfriends' latest sketch The Hot Girl from Work!

Check it out below, on The Huffington Post, or (if you're down to read both cruel and complimentary comments) Reddit!

Taylor and HER FELLOW Ladies of Skinny Dip WERE featured in funny women Fest!

Funny Women Fest is a celebration of women in comedy benefitting Downtown Women's Center! It's Highland Park's newest block party comedy fest featuring over 400 performers in improv, sketch, stand-up storytelling, musical comedy, written pilots, short films, video shorts, and visual arts. Taylor had a blast performing on the Hi Hat stage with her favorite sketch comedy gal pals!!!

Taylor ADORED performing in Short Play Night at the Santa Monica Theatre

Click here to learn more about the Santa Monica Theatre!

Taylor shared the stage with the amazing Neil Casey at UCB Sunset in Improv Nerds hosted by Brandon Gardner and Phil Jackson! 

Taylor recently closed Sarah Ruhl's 'Melancholy Play'! She loved playing the role of Joan and sharing the stage with a spectacular cast! Visit to learn more about the production!

Taylor graduated from Upright Citizens Brigade 201!

Taylor co-starred on the CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Catch the full episode on the or Hulu!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 1, Episode 9

Taylor is back at it with Hotel for Dads with her favorite sketch yet! Check it out on Funny Or Die!

Taylor guest starred in a Hotel for Dads sketch with Carl the corgi!

Taylor closed Survivors, a romantic tragedy in one act, that was part of a female playwright festival in Hollywood!

She was so honored to perform in such an amazing piece by Alissa Dean! (pictured below!)

Taylor co-starred on NBC's About A Boy Valentine's Day epsiode! Catch the full epsiode on or Hulu

About A Boy, season 2, episode 13 "About A Cat Party"

About A Boy, season 2, episode 13 "About A Cat Party"

Taylor is thrilled to officially become a member of SAG-AFTRA!

After graduating from Ithaca College this past May, Taylor relocated to Los Angeles where she looks forward to continuing her work in both theatre and film.

Taylor performed at "Passion Fish" at 54 Below! 

Taylor appeared in the 2014 Ithaca College Department of Theatre Arts Showcase. The showcase, which was open to casting agents, talent agents, directors and producers, took place on Monday, March 10, 2014 at the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center, 420 West 42nd Street. 

She is so proud of her class for collaborating on an entertaining and successful showcase. She's grateful to all those who attended and is currently following up on subsequent meetings and auditions!